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Thrive in the digital economy by sharing your expertise using our Self Education Digital Building programs and benefit from Creativ’s technical, Sales & Marketing teams. Concentrate on what you do best, we take care of the rest

digital coaching programs for health practitioners

Our Packages

For digital masters having all their program & digital material ready for upload and sale on Creativ’s platform
For practitioners looking for a reseller platform, support team to boost exposure and sales
For freedom seekers wanting to benefit from our unique optional telehealth integration feature
For practitioners wanting to create a digital programs to scale their practice
For digital trainee looking for technical & marketing experts, full video editing services, sales page building experts, sales & marketing of their programs
For freedom seekers wanting to exit the 1/1 business model


Our Digital Coaching Programs for Health Practitioners

Creativ Health Fuels Your Success

Next Level Training

Let's face it, a platform is not enough to succeed. You need the tools and knowledge to help make it real... and we'll help you dial those in early with our digital program builder coaching programs. Don’t take all that burden on Your shoulders, we help you build it!

Weekly Growth

We’re not going to leave you hanging after your first day. We'll match your passion by investing in you with ongoing one to one private coaching support, weekly training and our internal digital program community. Our aim is that you can learn the skills and keep on building after you launch your 1st program!

More Than Tech

Although we offer the best technologies in the industry for e-learning, Creativ offers so much more! We are providing you with a full support team helping you build your program, private coach and will use our team of video editors, power point expert, graphic designers and studio experts making your project a trully professional one.

The Place You Can Trust

With the option to integrate with our HIPAA Compliant telehealth and digital practice, you can meet your client in a trusted and compliant environment and benefit on upselling with private consultation with your new clients globally.

Marketing & Sales

Your success is our success! We select the digital programs we work on because we invest in YOU! We support the programs we beleive will make a strong impact into the world and change many lifes! By partneering us, you than have access to a professional Marketing and Sales team that will be promoting your program around the world.

Highest commission in the industry

We beleive in your expertise and win-win karma! As it is Creativ’s mission to help practitioners scale their practice and revenues, we decided to provide the best commission rates in the Self Education industry. Make sure to compare apple to apple, Creativ is providing you much more than just tech!

Versatile Software

Once your program is live, you'll have the ability to host a live webinars, integrate quizzes, build student interactive community, provide certificates, homework, dripp content over time and much more! However you wish to serve people, our platform is here to help you make it happen.

Launch, Grow, Accelerate

No one likes to feel stuck. Whether you're just entering the knowledge industry for the first time, or you're ready to accelerate to your next level... our passion is helping you continue to grow your business from wherever it is, to wherever you want it to go.

Benefits & Pricing

Billed Monthly
Billed Annually
  Master Trainee
  Earn 50% commission on all program sales Earn 20% commission on all program sales on Year 1
  $199.00 Per Month $399.00 Per Month
    Year 2+ $199.00 Per Month
Year 2+ 40% commission
Modules Options
Creator Account
Course builder - from practitioner material
Course Builder - coaching with practitioner to build
2 Months of 1/1 Master coaching
Customized program sales page
Included in Creativ Health market place
Video editing1
Marketing campaigns2
Monthly Sales Report
Professional Powerpoint editing3
Program community space
Program data analytics
Number of Modules up to 27 up to 27
Total video time (final product) Maximum 5 hrs Maximum 5 hrs
Creativ promotional sales tools

Automatic emails, coupons, affiliate links & promotional bundles (managed by Creativ)

Clients engagement tools

Deliver the learning experience you want with live, on demand or blended programs

Available features

Videos Quiz and Survey
Multimedia and Text PDFs
Downloadable files
Live interaction
Private program community space
Dripping content

All features are available for free and can be included in your program. Additional fees apply if you would like Creativ to build them for you.

1 - Maximum of 20h raw video material
2 - Maximum paid add value of 200USD and minimum of 2 posts per month on Creativ Health Social Media platforms
3 - Maximum 40 slides under the same template

You Want To Know More? Book With Your Health Account Manager Today!

Meet us anytime and reserve yourself a slot via Creativ’s calendar to get in touch with our Health Account Representative. Get in touch with us anytime to get an insider view of Creativ benefits, demo or want to get any further information/insights about Creativ’s special offers.

The Solution For You

Providing the best solution to Practitioners with our outstanding technological techniques. Allow us to take care of your daily grind!

  • Online Booking & Telehealth
    Connect with your patients from anywhere. Set up your telehealth appointments and let your clients book them online.
  • Practitioner Community Connect
    Be a part of our community and get connected with other practitioners around the globe.
  • Online Practice Management
    Enhance your workflow. Get your online practice managed and automated from booking to invoicing.
  • Digital Coaching Program Builder
    Using our digital coaching programme builder, you can break free from the 1/1 business model and scale your business.
  • Practitioner Marketplace
    Provide your clients with access to a wide practitioner network, having a variety of specialties, with whom they can collaborate.
  • Client Engagement
    Cultivate a relationship between you and your clients allowing them to contact you and us via various online platforms.
  • Customer Support
    Our Customer service representative will deal all the queries of your patients.
  • EHR
    With our SECURE HIPAA Compliant/MU3 certified solution, do not worry about managing your clients’ information digitally.

See More Functionalities

Revenue Simulation Trainee Package

Although no guarantee on sales volume can be given, these are a potential & realistic passive income revenues simulations for digital programs. This example is simulating a program sold at 299$ with the mentioned average volume of sales per month for the Trainee package.

Digital Boost Guarantee!

We're so confident Creativ will bring your practice to the next level, that we created the Digital Boost Guarantee, which means you can see the difference for yourself, 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied after 90 days.